4 Ways to Save Water on When Tending Your Garden

13 September 2016
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Planting and tending a big garden comes with its share of costs, not the least of which will be the increase in your water bill to keep your scenic landscape going. However, what many gardeners don't understand is that gardens can actually thrive on much less water than they receive. Read on to learn a few watering tricks that will have your water bills drastically reduce without affecting the quality of your garden. Read More 

Reasons to Invest in a Cover for Your Lawn Mower

26 May 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

For some homeowners, as long as they keep their lawn mower stored under a shelter when not in use, they are not concerned about keeping the equipment itself covered. The truth of the matter, though, is that lawn mower covers do not simply function toward keeping dust off your machinery. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a cover for your lawn mower. Lawn mower covers reduce the risk of rusting. Read More 

Why a Split System AC Is Suitable for Home Extensions

12 April 2016
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Are you wondering whether you should connect the home extension to the current central air conditioning system? Read on and discover why it may be better for you to install a split system air conditioner for that home extension that you wish to construct. Sizing Issues Professional installers of air conditioning systems advise their clients to the get the appropriate size of AC unit for their homes. The appropriate size is determined by calculating how much air needs to be circulated within the AC system in order to keep the home warm or cool. Read More