Ideas for Visually Expanding a Bathroom During a Renovation

13 July 2023
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


While the bathroom is small in many houses, you can renovate the room to appear larger without significant construction work. Here are several ideas.


A straightforward option is to use mirrors to expand the area visually. They add depth to the room, even though you know the image on the glass is an illusion. Once you've fitted your grooming mirrors, you can place additional ones strategically around the room. For example, you could hang one opposite a window that looks onto the garden and use the borrowed view of the outside.

One possibility is to fit frameless mirrors across an entire wall. On the other hand, if you go with framed mirrors to add decoration, choose a slim frame that maximises the mirror and wall area. A detailed mirror can add visual clutter, which can make the room appear crowded.


Small tiles create an obvious grid pattern with many grout lines, which can also visually shrink the bathroom. You can reverse this effect with large, minimal tiles if you want an open, airy feeling. To reduce the transitions between the wall and floor, which can draw attention to the compact room boundaries, you could continue the same tiles so they flow from surface to surface without a stop. Glossy tiles can also help, as they reflect light around the room, thus creating the impression of more space.

Floating Vanity

You may be tempted to install a pedestal basin to save floor space in a small bathroom. However, doing so can be counterproductive, as you will miss out on storage space, and the area immediately underneath the basin is wasted.

An alternative solution is a floating vanity. This frees up floor space and provides storage at the same time. If you install a vanity that extends to the floor, this will hide the floor and visually bring the room boundary closer. The bathroom will thus seem more hemmed in.

Wall Niches

A clever and subtle way to save space during bathroom renovations is to use wall niches to create shelves. These recessed areas can continue the wall colour and texture and provide a seamless look that minimises clutter.

On the other hand, shelves introduce extra material and detail, which is acceptable to add visual interest, but it can also look busy in a compact area. You can create niches wherever you prefer, on the wall or in the shower. Niches preserve space by not protruding, as well as looking sleek.

Reach out to a local contractor that offers bathroom renovations to learn more.