2 Common Misconceptions to Avoid When Investing in Gutter Guards

5 February 2018
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Keeping gutters clean and clear of blockages is essential to ensuring proper runoff of rain from the surface of the roof. As rain may carry leaves, twigs and other debris into gutters, it is important for homeowners to install some sort of gutter protection. Gutter guards are one such kind of gutter protection. Here are two common misconceptions to avoid when you're considering installing gutter guards on your guttering. Misconception #1: Gutter guards eliminate the need for gutter cleaning completely. Read More 

4 Reasons Why An Awning For Your Patio Is A Great Idea

20 November 2017
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Australians love their outdoor living areas, and patios are one of the most popular choices for outdoor spaces for homes around the country. Patios provide a great space to enjoy outdoor dining, relax with friends over a cold drink and give an area for children to play. Adding an awning to cover your patio is an excellent way to make the area more comfortable and accommodating. Here are four reasons why an awning will make a fantastic addition to your home's patio. Read More 

When It’s Good to Consider Custom Curtains for Your Home

13 October 2017
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Custom curtains are not just for the wealthy, as these window treatments may be more affordable than you realize and may be the perfect touch for your home. If you've never thought about getting custom curtains cut and sewn for your home, note when it's good to consider this option, and why it can be the best choice for all your home's windows. Your furniture and accessories are very eclectic Read More 

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Colour of the Awning for Your Business

8 September 2017
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If you own a business, an awning over the entryway of your business can give your customers respite from the rain and shade from the sun. When you put your logo on the awning, it can also help to advertise your business and brand your company. However, before you order your awning, you have to narrow in on a colour. Consider the following when making your decision: 1. Create a Compelling Contrast Read More 

Why You Should Construct Your Sunroom with Double Glazed Windows

5 September 2017
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Construction projects tend to cost a pretty penny, whether you are embarking on building an extension to your home or erecting a building from the ground up. Thus, individuals tend to lean toward cheaper materials in an attempt to keep their building costs low. The annealed glass may seem like an adequate solution for your windows when constructing a sunroom, as they will let in maximum natural illumination. However, they do not offer you long term benefits. Read More