3 Quick Tips for Getting the Right Shade Structure for Your Playground

16 May 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Adding shades to your playground is beneficial in many ways. Besides protecting the kids from the sun, increasing playtime, and keeping them away from the harmful UV rays, shading your playground protects your playground equipment from weather and sun damage, creates a more inviting outdoor playing space, and improves the aesthetics among other benefits. However, playground shades come in several options.

Your choices are limitless, from shade sails to pergolas, umbrellas, canopies, tents, and other shade structures. Therefore, finding the right one for your playground can be challenging. Fortunately, you can always find shades that work perfectly for your playground by answering these simple questions.

What Area Do You Intend To Cover?

Knowing your coverage area is the first step to getting the right shade structure. It will help you determine the right size and shape of shade to purchase and install. It's also worth noting that several areas have local accreditation standards and laws regarding installing shades in recreational areas and other such spaces. You may need approvals depending on where you plan to install your shades. Therefore, it pays to gather all the information about the area you intend to add the shade before purchasing one.

What Material Is Best For Your Playground's Shade Structure?

Your playground shade structure's material can make all the difference in cost, durability, UV resistance, maintenance requirements, and withstanding the elements. And since these structures are made from various materials, you need to be extra careful in your selection. From the hardware to the fabric, it's imperative to select an option that suits your budget and shading needs. For instance, when it comes to the hardware, metal parts will often be longer lasting than their wooden or plastic counterparts because they are sturdier. However, ensure you go for corrosion-resistant options, aluminium or powder-coated steel that won't give in to rusting from the outdoor conditions.

It would also help if you considered waterproof ability when thinking about the fabric for your playground's shade structure. While waterproof options will often cost you more than standard fabrics, they are an excellent solution for protecting against water damage.

What Colour Should You Choose?

Colour is a critical component of your shade structure selection because it affects your playground's visual appeal. Fundamentally, you want to create a highly visually appealing space that will get the little ones excited about spending time with their friends and families at the playground. Therefore, bright colours are the trick to making your playground as visually appealing as possible.