Reasons to Invest in a Cover for Your Lawn Mower

26 May 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


For some homeowners, as long as they keep their lawn mower stored under a shelter when not in use, they are not concerned about keeping the equipment itself covered. The truth of the matter, though, is that lawn mower covers do not simply function toward keeping dust off your machinery. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a cover for your lawn mower.

Lawn mower covers reduce the risk of rusting.

One of the biggest issues that you could end up having with your lawn mower is its metal components succumbing to rust. This is why it is not advisable to keep the equipment stored outside in the open air. However, even storing it uncovered in the garage or shed keeps it exposed to humidity and moisture.

Although a lawn mower cover cannot guarantee full protection against corrosion, it can act as a deterrent for the rust developing prematurely. The longer you can keep rust from developing on the exterior metallic components, the longer you keep the rust from spreading to the internal metallic components.

Lawn mower covers can protect against degradation.

Your lawn mower also has some components that could easily degrade if they are consistently exposed to moisture. The wires located in the interior of your lawn mower are covered with rubber. This rubber functions to protect the wires from being exposed to moisture as well as debris. However, if this rubber insulation is not protected, it will begin to expand and contract in accordance to temperature changes and exposure to moisture.

Over time, the rubber begins to crack and degrade. This eventually causes the rubber to lose its elasticity and subsequently start cracking, exposing the wires. A lawn mower cover will protect the rubber insulation, thus protecting the internal wires.

Lawn mower covers keep out pests.

Typically, homeowners will not consider that pests and other critters can make their way into their equipment. However, this is particularly common in storage buildings such as sheds, as the critters will crawl through the smallest spaces as they forage for food. When rodents such as mice or squirrels make their way into the mower, they can gnaw on some of the internal cables and this will result in the complete malfunction of your mower. Since you cannot keep an eye on your mower while it is in storage, you should invest in a lawn mower cover, such as one made of reinforced canvas, which would deny them access.