Why a Split System AC Is Suitable for Home Extensions

12 April 2016
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Are you wondering whether you should connect the home extension to the current central air conditioning system? Read on and discover why it may be better for you to install a split system air conditioner for that home extension that you wish to construct.

Sizing Issues

Professional installers of air conditioning systems advise their clients to the get the appropriate size of AC unit for their homes. The appropriate size is determined by calculating how much air needs to be circulated within the AC system in order to keep the home warm or cool. Connecting a home extension to the current system may overload the AC. This can cause numerous problems, such as frequent component failures because the system keeps running for a long time in order to maintain the set temperature range in the home. It is therefore better to install a split system AC to condition the air inside the home extension that you wish to construct. This will avoid upsetting the functioning of the current AC is the space it was installed to heat or cool.

Regulatory Issues

Your area may have new air conditioning regulations (such as regulations on the energy efficiency of ACs) that must be met during the installation of AC systems. Such regulations may not apply to your current AC system if the regulations were passed after the AC was in place. You may need to have the system inspected if you add more ducts to cover the home extension that has been constructed. In such a case, the inspector may write a report stating that your air conditioning system does not comply with the current laws. To avoid this possibility, buy a split system air conditioner for the extension. In this way, the new rules will only apply to the split system air conditioner that you install in the home extension. This will save you from spending a lot of money to upgrade the entire AC system of the home in order to make it meet the current AC standards of your area.

Reduction of Inconveniences

Connecting a home extension to the existing AC system can create a number of inconveniences. For instance, the AC system may have to be shut down temporarily as the ducting of the extension is linked to the ducts of the rest of the house. Secondly, debris will be created within the rooms adjoining the extension as walls are drilled to run ducts. Such inconveniences can be avoided if a split system is installed in the extension. All debris will be within that extension and the installation process will not affect the rest of the house.

Ask your HVAC technician for advice on the right split system for the home extension so that you avoid the challenges of connecting the extension to the existing central AC. Click here for more info.