Possible Ways to Vary Plantation Shutters

27 October 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


You may love plantation shutters because of their classic design. But are you aware of all the possible modifications of this structure? Consider the following ways that plantation shutters can vary.

Various Structures

Plantation shutters can cover different window shapes and sizes. Whether your home has bay windows, a small bathroom window, or expansive glass doors that lead onto a patio, plantation shutters can be customised to fit the space.

You can also cover selected parts of a window if you prefer. For example, you could cover the bottom section of a window with plantation shutters and let the sunlight stream in the top area to create a sunny kitchen. You can install plantation shutters that are divided halfway horizontally so that you can adjust the top and bottom of the shutter separately. That way, you can open the louvres at the top but not the bottom. Thus, you have plenty of ways to dress the windows with shutters.

Opening Styles

Plantation shutters not only come in different sizes and configurations, but they can also open in alternate ways to control light flow. You can install shutters with fixed louvres or moveable slats that you can angle to deflect the sun rays. You can also install solid panels within sections of the shutters.

You can control the incoming light flow in another way as well. The shutters can be fixed on hinges so you can swing them open wide to reveal the view. Another option is bi-fold shutters that collapse sideways. These models are perfect for glass doors that lead to the outside. In fact, you can even install shutters around a patio or terrace area to create an outdoor room effect.

Material Options

If you install shutters on a patio, they'll be open to the weather. This won't be a problem because shutters can be made with varied materials to handle all conditions. You can install timber shutters in different wood species and stains. You can pick between pale ash colours, reddish tones or dark mahogany shades. Painted timber shutters are another option.

You also have other possibilities, including aluminium and vinyl. Aluminium resists rust and is a sturdy metal that is suitable for use both inside and outside. Vinyl can be embossed with a grainy wood texture to mimic timber. However, it won't warp or rot as wood might, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Each of these materials gives your shutters a different appearance as well. The louvres also come in varying widths that are more chunky or narrow.