Critical Things to Know About Retractable Awnings Before Buying

17 September 2021
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A retractable awning is an excellent addition to a patio since you can do a lot under the shade. Holding dinners and barbecues, entertaining children, reading, or lounging are just some of the ways you can enjoy a retractable awning. Notably, retractable awnings come in different designs, and choosing one can be quite an experience for most homeowners. Therefore, it means that you must first research and find as much information about the retractable awning you want to buy. This article highlights vital things you must know about retractable awnings before making a purchase.

Types of Fasteners

A retractable awning can weigh a significant amount. You should be wary about the specification since you will be relaxing under the facility. Notably, fasteners are used to hang a retractable awning on a wall. Therefore, you must confirm the types of fasteners sold with a retractable awning. The best fasteners are designed specifically for retractable awnings. The reason is that the awnings vibrate slightly when the arms extend or fold; hence, the fasteners must withstand the frequent vibrations. You can ask a store attendant to help you distinguish different fasteners so that you can buy hangers that hold your awning safely.

Spring Accessibility

A retractable awning relies on two spring-loaded folding arms that exert force to the fabric, making it tight when open. Closing a retractable awning occurs when the tension in the springs laxes, making it easy to pull the awning into a cassette. Since the springs constantly extend and relax, they require regular care to prevent wear and tear. However, regular maintenance is possible and easy if the springs are easily accessible. It is the reason some retractable awning designs feature arms with a removable panel, which provides easy access to the springs so that you can easily lubricate and clean them. However, you must remember to snap the removable panel properly to keep water away from movable parts.

Manual or Automated Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings can be operated manually with a hand crank or automatically via a motor. For most homeowners, an automatic motor is a significant and pricey investment; consequently, they prefer manual retractable awnings. However, an automatic retractable awning delivers more value for money since it is easy to operate and breaks down less often. Moreover, you can use an automatic retractable awning several times a day, increasing the number of times you use your patio or deck.