Two Steps to Take Before Purchasing New Roof Insulation

19 July 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you want to enjoy the energy-saving benefits that come with having high-quality roof insulation in your home, here are two things you'll need to do before you buy your insulation materials.  

Have a roofer evaluate your roof's condition

Before you purchase the insulation materials, you should ensure your roof is in perfect condition. Unless it's new and you are, therefore, confident that it is not damaged, you should let a roofer evaluate it. They should check for broken tiles or slates, as well as issues with the roof flashing. If they find problems, you should arrange for them to fix these before you do any shopping for insulation materials.

If there are holes or loose tiles in the roof after the insulation has been fitted, two problems could occur. Firstly, rainwater could leak onto the insulation through the roof's holes and make it mouldy. Secondly, the main purpose of roof insulation is to slow or prevent heat loss in your home; if there is a hole in the roof, the total heat that is held in the building by the insulation won't be as high as if there were no opening in the roof. As such, if you want to experience the full benefits of having good-quality insulation in your roof, it's important to take this step before you fit it.

Arrange for the insulation to be professionally installed

Even if the online roof insulation tutorials you've seen make the installation process look easy, you should get these materials professionally fitted. If you don't lay the insulation correctly, it won't be as effective. For example, if you accidentally leave gaps between the pieces of insulation when you're laying it, the heat produced in your home will pass through these gaps and be lost.

Likewise, if you have purchased a type of insulation that is not meant to be compressed and you squash it into position too forcefully, you'll remove a lot of the air that helps it to act as an insulator, and it will be less effective. If you only realise this after a few months, when you discover that the insulation is not providing the energy savings you had hoped for, you might then have to remove and refit it or hire a professional to do this. As such, it's best to have the insulation professionally installed.

For more information about roof insulation or installation, contact a local roofing company.