Interstate Removals: How to Safely Move Your Car Interstate

27 October 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Various factors could make you move to another state, from looking for new experiences to finding a better job opportunity. Whatever your reason for moving, it is important to plan and work with expert removalists to ensure everything runs smoothly. Most people tend to plan on how to move their furniture and other possessions but never think about the vehicle until the last minute. 

Professional interstate removals are often well-equipped to ship your car, but you have to make certain preparations. Here are a few things you must do to ensure your vehicle arrives safely. 

Keep It Clean

Clean your car before allowing the removalists to ship it. After cleaning the car's exterior, inspect it for any dents, scratches, or discolouration. If there are any existing damages on the vehicle, take clear photos of each one. You can include these pictures with the written record to the moving company. It is rare for scratches and other damages to happen as your car is being transported, but it is still important to note the existing ones. Finding these dents is easier when you have a clean car. 

Remove All Valuable Items

Take your time to remove all valuable items from your car before shipping to keep them safe. These include vehicle add-ons and custom items, such as DVD players and custom stereos. Also, remove all toll tags to reduce unnecessary expenses as they can pick up fees on any toll passed along the way. Switch off any custom alarm system, as the removalists are allowed to use any means to disable it when it goes off during transport. 

Take Your Car for Maintenance and Repairs

If your car has issues and cannot move, it is essential to let the expert removalists know, but have it checked for any leaks and mechanical problems if it moves. The transport firm needs to know if there are any issues with your car, as mechanical problems often cause delays and damages to other vehicles. Therefore, the removalists will have to make proper preparations to move your motor vehicle. 

Always Have Spare Keys

An extra set of keys are necessary when moving your car. The keys are needed for driving the car on and off the moving truck. Therefore, if you don't have spare keys to your vehicle, get them made before moving day. It is not recommended to give the only set of keys you have to the removalists. 

Follow the steps above to prepare your vehicle for safe interstate transportation. Also, work with reputable interstate removal experts who have experience transporting vehicles across states. The experts can guide you on everything you should do before moving day to reduce your motor's risk of damage.