4 Colours You May Consider When Installing a Perfect Kitchen Benchtop

10 July 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


With the kitchen being the busiest room in your home, you need to install a benchtop that would act as a central station to enhance efficiency. Homeowners use a benchtop when cooking, preparing meals or doing cleaning work. That's why most of them choose a benchtop with a hard surface.

But above all this, a benchtop makes the kitchen look attractive and more practical. For this reason, you don't need just to consider the benchtop size, material and finish but also the colour. Here are some of the colours you may consider when installing a kitchen benchtop.


Black benchtops can be perfectly harmonious, depending on the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen floors and cabinetry are dark, a black benchtop may be a perfect fit. When you install a dark benchtop, you are able to make good use of both the natural and artificial light in your kitchen. Black benchtops give your kitchen a soft and cosy look.

Flecked White

Some homeowners consider installing benchtops made of stone or slab because they look natural. However, if you want a more natural and attractive benchtop, it's advisable to go for a light-white one. Snowy benchtops look neutral and sparkling, and they also add a fresh and modern touch in different situations.

Moreover, pale white adds subtle sophistication and make the kitchen space feel light and clean. If the interior of your kitchen is traditional, a grainy white benchtop will make it feel comfortable and spacious.

Grey Shades

If you want to install a more neutral benchtop, you should consider grey or probably some other mid shades like cream or even beige. Grey benchtops can transform a kitchen with some architectural defects in a big way. If you don't want a kitchen space that looks too dark or busy, you can install a grey benchtop.

Grey benchtops easily hide some stains or dirty spots. If your kitchen space doesn't look organised, you can install a grey benchtop to put the space together or make it look organised. The benchtop will also pair perfectly with your metallic faucets or accents.

Pure White

Most pure-white benchtops are usually manufactured using materials like Corian. They add a minimalist brightness that other natural stones can't offer. They can also maintain their crisp white for a long time because they resist stains. Besides making your modern kitchen space look bigger, crisp white benchtops offer perfect finishes and require just a little care.

Choosing the most suitable kitchen benchtop colour can be tricky sometimes. The colour of your benchtop can determine the look, mood and feel in your kitchen. So as you think about the surface, finish, cost, shape and size of the benchtop you intend to install, you should also pay attention to its colour.