Why Wall Insulation Services Are So Necessary

14 May 2020
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Insulation is key to regulating your home's temperature, and without it, you will suffer major swings from hot to cold and back again. The trouble is that since you cannot see your wall insulation it can be tough to know how healthy it is. While the actual material can last for many decades, older insulation is not nearly as good as new insulation and can be very problematic for your health. Here are a couple of ways that wall insulation services can be helpful in examining, replacing and installing new insulation to fit any budget.

Check For Insulation

It may surprise you to learn that not all homes actually have insulation, to begin with. Insulation is not mandatory and if you feel like it is exceptionally cold or hot near your external walls then you may be feeling the effects of that decision. Unfortunately, for many people, it is next to impossible to effectively check for insulation without damaging their home. Wall insulation services bring with them infrared devices that can tell exactly where your insulation is if you have any. In addition to the infrared device, wall insulation services can check beneath powerpoints and from above to see how well packed the wall cavities are with insulation. 

Identify If Asbestos Is Present

The number one reason why you should never check the insulation of your home by yourself is asbestos. Asbestos is a fibre that was used in the construction of many household materials but was particularly prevalent in insulation. Many older homes still have asbestos in the insulation and unwitting owners can get a dose of asbestos if they try to examine the insulation on their own.  Wall insulation services have all the proper safety equipment to test for asbestos safely and will let you know immediately whether your home is safe or not. This is very important for those who have just moved into an older home and don't know for sure whether they have it or not.

The Right Insulation For Your Home

Not all insulation is the same and that is why you need someone to guide you through your options. Choosing the wrong type of insulation for your home can lead to a reduced performance and the continuation of the very problems you are trying to avoid. Loose pack insulation, rock wool batts, polyurethane foam and all the other types all have pro's and con's that should be weighed up by an expert. Making this choice on your own can lead to problems down the track like wall condensation or temperature swings.  

For more information, reach out to a wall insulation service.