3 Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

20 October 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Having a bedroom that is very small can lead to issues with storage space. For example, if you have a small bedroom on a large caravan or in a small home, you may have little to no space for extra clothing, shoes or personal items. If this is the situation you find yourself in, there are some ways to add bedroom storage without sacrificing even more room. Here are three bedroom storage ideas for small spaces that may work for you.

1. Storage Headboard 

The headboard area of your sleeping area is likely not big. If you can spare one foot at the head of your bed, then you can turn it into a storage area. By purchasing a storage headboard or even having one custom built, you can have storage for books, seasonal clothing, shoes and anything else you need to put away and out of sight. This type of storage headboard also offers an area that can be used as a nightstand rather than taking up bedroom storage room on either side of the bed for a nightstand option. Storage headboards can also house LED lighting options to free up space a lamp would normally take up as well.

2. Under-bed Storage

If you have a bed that is off the floor on rails, you may want to consider under-bed storage drawers and a platform bed instead of the rails. The platform bed with drawers can give you the storage room that a dresser would normally give. This means you have a place for your clothing without having to take up a large amount of space for a chest of drawers or dresser. You can also have one of the storage drawers specifically designed for shoes to offer a dresser and shoe rack storage that is hidden and secure.

3. Cork Frame Storage

When you think about bedroom storage, you may not always think about jewellery and similar items. The truth is, jewellery usually takes up some form of space in a drawer or with a separate box that can take up room. If you are trying to clear up, declutter and make as much extra storage space as possible, consider a cork frame. A cork frame is a picture frame that uses cork backing instead of a normal glass face. The cork can hold decorative push pins that will then hold earrings, necklaces and even rings. This frees up space, displays your jewellery and takes up only wall space that would normally not be used.

If you like any of these ideas, or if you want to find out if there are more ideas for your space, contact your local home contractor or interior designer. They can help with options, pricing and with helping you figure out ways that can bring more bedroom storage space and more space for the rest of your home as well.