How to Choose the Right Shade Sail

26 September 2018
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Shade sails are used to provide a shaded area in your garden. There are various designs and features available.


Shade sails are long-lasting. They provide protection from colour reduction that can occur due to UV rays. They are also effective at resisting mould and their edges are strong to combat windy days. Shade sails typically have a long warranty, you can check the length of warranty before you purchase your shade sail.

UV protection

Shade sails block most UV rays and are therefore a great option for providing protection against the sun. Shade sails can also be waterproof. If you live in an area that receives frequent rain or is subject to storms, a waterproof shade sail would be a good option. Temporary shade sails can be removed during the winter to avoid damage. Consider whether you would like a permanent shade sail or a temporary shade sail. This may depend on weather conditions in your area and whether you would like to take the shade sail down during the year.

Cooling properties

Shade sails provide cooling through offering shade and through material that allows fresh air to circulate which regulates the temperature across the material. This makes sitting under a shade sail cooler.


Shade sails are available in a number of shapes and colours. They can be rectangular, triangular or square. A colour can be chosen to suit your garden. Colours available include graphite, slate and stone effects. Shade sails can be fitted at different angles to create varying effects.


You may need to purchase fixtures alongside your shade sail. This can include, hooks, bolts, turnbuckles and a strap tensioner.

Where to place your shade sail

If you have children, you can fix the shade sail in a play area to keep them safe from UV rays. If you are planning on having meals in your garden, you can put a shade sail by an exterior table and chairs. The position of the sun changes during the day so you may wish to consider the direction of sunlight at the time of day that you will be using the shade sail and position the shade sail against this. If you already have a fixture in your garden, you can purchase a shade cloth that you can attach to the pre-existing structure.

Shade sail repairs

If your shade sail does become damaged within the warranty period, you may be able to obtain a replacement. Your shade sail can also be repaired by a contractor or it may be repaired under warranty.