Transforming Your Kitchen Into a Farmhouse-Themed Space

25 July 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you did not build your home from the ground up, you may not be satisfied with some aspects of the house. Whether it is mass-market fixtures or a bland design scheme, there are multiple ways that you could improve the appearance of the residence. One of the rooms that most homeowners tend to remodel is the kitchen.

If you are thinking of changing the design of your kitchen, you could be stumped on where to start. Do you change out all the accessories? Do you install new flooring? The best approach is to start with determining what theme you want for your kitchen. And one design theme that complements any home is a farmhouse kitchen since its rustic charm is reminiscent of sunlit spaces and close family ties. The following article outlines a couple of tips on how kitchens can be transformed into a farmhouse-themed space.

Open up your shelving

Admittedly, storage space in the form of shelving is a fundamental feature in any kitchen. Nonetheless, the kind of storage you have coupled with its design can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of the space and the functionality of the cabinets. To start your kitchen transformation, you should start out by taking away the doors of the cabinets. This elimination of the doors helps to inject a feeling of airiness to the room, making it seem more open and inviting. In addition to this, by having open shelving, you can easily access all your foodstuff and condiments because you can quickly identify what you are looking for.

Deepen your kitchen sink

Conventional kitchen sinks tend to be shallow, and this may not be highly functional if your kitchen is exposed to heavy usage. With an ordinary sink, you will find that it is difficult to put all your dishes in at one go, and this can make washing utensils more of a chore than it has to be. One of the distinct features of a farmhouse style kitchen is a statement sink that is characterised by a deep basin. The sink should also be made from heavy-duty supplies (such as granite, claystone or even cast iron) that will add a rustic country-chic appeal to the kitchen. Although a deeper sink will take up more space and depth than a regular sink, you will find that it will be more practical to your needs.

Reach out to local contractors to get started.