How Your Garden May Provide an Innovative Parking Solution

11 June 2018
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Many people who live in an urban environment find that they are challenged when it comes to car parking. This is especially problematic for those who live in a multi-story building, which has a fairly small footprint and not a lot of outside space. In an ideal world, they would convert the entire landscaped area into a car parking facility, but the local council might take a very dim view of this. If you are restricted by a combination of regulation and space, how can you proceed?

Why You Need to Take Action

Many local councils require that a certain amount of your property is designated as "soft" landscape. In other words, you have to maintain a green lawn or plant beds over a certain amount of the area and cannot dig it all up in favour of hard standing. If you chose to park all your cars on top of an existing grass lawn, you would undoubtedly run into problems during the rainy season and would end up with a sorry-looking mess. However, help is at hand in the shape of landscaping supplies like grass or turf reinforcement.

Ideal Options

This type of solution allows you to add a subtle layer of reinforcement, making the underlying grass very durable and resistant, while rendering the actual reinforcement almost invisible. You'd have to look at the surface quite closely before you could actually see the mesh or grid.

Reinforcement Mesh

The first option is a reinforcement mesh that is made from recycled plastic and will work so long as you do not park any particularly heavy vehicles there. The mesh will help to spread the load of the vehicle and will eliminate the formation of ruts, while helping to strengthen the space as well. After it has been laid, the mesh will gradually disappear as the grass grows.

Paving Grid

If you have the need for a stronger solution, then you should consider a grass "paving" grid. You might need to dig up what is already there and replant, however, as this type of solution has to be installed from scratch. Nevertheless, these grids are extremely durable and will provide strong reinforcement, while helping you to retain your green landscape and comply with your local council regulations. The grid is designed to retain water which can help to stimulate the growth of grass and furthermore, may help to make the grass grow more consistently, improving its overall appearance.

Ask your landscape supplier to provide you with reinforcement options for your place.