A Few Reasons Why Concrete Tiles Are Suitable for Your Bathroom Flooring

17 May 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Choosing tiles for your bathroom flooring can be intimidating. The vast range of materials, styles and designs can make it challenging for people looking for a tile that will be both attractive as well as resilient. While ceramic tiles remain a staple in most homes, they may not be the best option for you if you prefer something that will stand out and add some uniqueness to the character of your space. Luckily, concrete tile is one of the options capable of meeting all your needs. Although concrete can easily be overlooked, as people believe it is plain, in truth it is both practical and appealing.

Here are a few reasons why concrete tiles are suitable for your bathroom flooring.

Concrete tiles are resistant to water damage

A primary concern some people may have regarding concrete tiles is water absorption that could eventually lead to cosmetic and structural damages. And although concrete tiles are absorbent, they can be highly water resistant if you invest in proper sealing of the tiles. When your concrete tiles a coated with a water-resistant layer, they will become immune to mould, crumbling and even undue cracking. Additionally, the sealant will also prevent your tiles from harbouring pathogens, which in turn keeps your bathroom incredibly sanitary.

Concrete tiles are great thermal conductors

Australia may be warm for most months out of the year, but it can also become bitingly cold. When you have regular tiles in your bathroom, you may find it uncomfortable walking around barefoot on freezing tiles. The great thing about concrete tiles is that you can choose to have in-floor heating installed and the concrete will retain this heat during the colder months.

Concrete tiles are astonishingly customisable

Gone are the days when homeowners would make use of bland concrete for their household aesthetic. Most recently, there is a wide selection of options when it comes to the customisation of your concrete tiles. For instance, if you want a specific colour of tiles, you can have the concrete tiles dyed in advance to suit your aesthetic. Conversely, if you wish to have unique patterns on your flooring, the concrete tiles can be acid stained to meet your requirements.

Lastly, if you are looking to increase the traction in your bathroom to prevent slips and falls, the concrete tiles can be made as tactile as you want. Techniques such as stamping embed beautiful motifs on the surface to make the tiles visually interesting while ensuring they have slip-resistance.