When and Why You Should Use an Interior Consultant

19 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Hiring interior consulting or decorators is not just for the rich and famous; the services of these professionals are often more affordable than you may realize, and these consultants can create a home space that you love! Note when and why you might use the services of an interior consultant or decorator and how they can help you with your home design challenges.

Your space is overly large, or very small

Trying to make a cramped and crowded living space work for you can be a challenge, but an interior consultant can help. They might recommend furniture designs that are scaled down but still very comfortable, with built-in storage so that you can forego additional shelving, storage chests, and the like. They might also suggest how to arrange furniture so that even a small room is still open and airy.

While small spaces are a challenge, large spaces can be just as difficult to decorate and make comfortable! An interior consultant can suggest how to arrange furniture in a large room so that items are grouped together properly, allowing for easy conversation. They may also suggest the best way to fill long, empty walls, so that artwork adds to the aesthetics of the room and doesn't look like an afterthought.

You want a specific look

Suppose you love the look of Scandinavian design or want a home that feels very country and rustic. Trying to create that specific look on your own can be a challenge, as adding furniture pieces from these design styles may not be sufficient, and it's easy to have too many items from a certain look or style so that a room then looks cluttered and busy. An interior consultant can note if there are paint colours, window treatments, artwork, and even lighting fixtures that would create the look you want, but without overwhelming the space with design elements, so you finally have the style you want in every room.

You want to go bold

If your home's interior is all white or another neutral colour, and you're looking to do something bold and colourful inside, it's good to use an interior consultant help you through this process. Simply painting the walls of the home a bright, bold colour can be a mistake, as a colour that looks good in a catalogue may be too overwhelming for your space! An interior consultant can help you make this transition from boring to bold in a few subtle ways so that your home expresses your personality without being overwhelming.