The humble flyscreen: A design icon

21 February 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Imagine enduring an Aussie summer without flyscreens. Impossible. Now envision a mild autumn day. See yourself enjoying the view through your windows, one that's not obscured by ugly mesh screens. Yes, it is possible.

Interior design has really taken off in Australia, with renovation shows on TV and pictures of your neighbours' renovations all over social media. But despite the advances in kitchens and bathrooms, amidst trending colours and fancy window treatments, one necessity of life Down Under has been sadly forgotten. The flyscreen.  

Perhaps you yearn for something different, something just a little flash. Or maybe you try not to make waves, but your windows just aren't easy to fit. Thankfully, the humble fly screen has finally stepped up its game with retractable models to match the hardest of openings, from casement windows and French doors to stacking and bi-fold doors, and tilt and turn windows.

Sure, retractable fly screens are built to outlast the harshest of Australian conditions, stopping those flies and mossies in their tracks while facilitating air flow to sooth your spirit on even the hottest of days. But retractable flyscreens haven't stopped there. Growing ever more advanced, these screens now come in multiple sizes, featuring slide across, pull down and custom varieties. Some might even be fancier than your car, with inbuilt systems commanding self-activating braking and clasping. These days, flyscreens come in a diverse array of finishes, designed to complement your windows, your walls and any colour scheme your heart desires.

And just when you think you can't take it anymore, when you start to feel you're too long out of step, to long for the twisted old bits of old mesh obscuring the aluminium windows of your childhood, they come up with something else: uPVC flyscreens.

Sturdier than regular PVC, more rigid, chemically resistant and better able to withstand Australian conditions, these screens have upped the ante - again. Designed to fit uPVC double glazed windows - and even awning windows - these little beauties are popping up all over this wide brown land in colours from classic white, to bold contemporary shades.

The future of design is here and it's dragging the humble flyscreen with it. It's enough to drive you nuts.

No matter the style of your home, no matter how complex or demanding your doors and windows are, there really is no excuse for flies in the lounge room or mossies in the bed. Just please don't tell the wife.