4 Reasons Why An Awning For Your Patio Is A Great Idea

20 November 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Australians love their outdoor living areas, and patios are one of the most popular choices for outdoor spaces for homes around the country. Patios provide a great space to enjoy outdoor dining, relax with friends over a cold drink and give an area for children to play. Adding an awning to cover your patio is an excellent way to make the area more comfortable and accommodating. Here are four reasons why an awning will make a fantastic addition to your home's patio.

1. Increased sun protection

The Aussie sun can be harsh, particularly during the summer months and the hottest hours around the middle of the day. An uncovered patio may be far too hot to use a lot of the time due to the amount of exposure to the sun that it receives. Adding an awning will provide the area with shade and make it a safe and cool environment to spend time in, even on the hottest days.

2. Decreased interior heat

During hot weather, unprotected windows are responsible for allowing heat to penetrate into your home's interior via the glazing. An awning over your patio will shield the adjoining windows from direct sunlight, reflecting it away and helping to keep the interior of your home cooler. This not only makes your home more comfortable, but it can also dramatically reduce the cost of cooling your home with an air-conditioner.

3. Increased usability

As well as making your patio more accommodating during the summer, an awning can also help to make it an all-weather space by sheltering it from the rain. Awnings are made from waterproof material, and the rain will simply roll off the outer edges of the awning. This means you can enjoy your patio all year round and not simply when the weather is dry.

4. Decreased weathering

Sun, wind and rain can all create an aging effect on your home, your patio and your patio features. Timber, concrete and fabric are all vulnerable to the damage caused by weathering and may become cracked, worn and faded over time. An awning over your patio can protect these items from most of these adverse effects, keeping your home and patio looking good and functional for longer.

Contact your local awning suppliers and installers about adding a new awning to your patio. They can help you to decide which style and materials will be the best options for your home.