When It's Good to Consider Custom Curtains for Your Home

13 October 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Custom curtains are not just for the wealthy, as these window treatments may be more affordable than you realize and may be the perfect touch for your home. If you've never thought about getting custom curtains cut and sewn for your home, note when it's good to consider this option, and why it can be the best choice for all your home's windows.

Your furniture and accessories are very eclectic

Some homes have a certain look or style that is consistent throughout the home; this can be a modern look, with lots of metal and glass, or it can be very traditional, with wood trim and upholstered furniture. However, you might like to mix up the look of the home with pieces from different time periods and styles; you might have an overstuffed upholstered couch next to a metal table, and an animal print area rug on the floor, as an example. Trying to find curtains that match all those different styles can be a challenge, but a custom curtain maker can sew different fabrics together so that the window treatments fit all those styles, or can show you something very neutral that will blend easily in the room.

You want to coordinate window treatments

Curtains can be layered with other window treatments such as blinds or shades, or you might layer curtain panels on top of one another. However, as with matching your curtains to eclectic furniture, it can be difficult to find curtains that match your existing roller shades, or to find panels that complement and match each other. Custom curtains can be dyed a particular shade that is a perfect fit for the blinds or shades on a window, or you can have all the curtain panels custom made so that you can easily layer them.

You need insulating curtains

Curtains can block sound from the outside of a home, as well as heat and cold. They can also absorb sound in a room, so they're a good choice for a home theatre.

Trying to find insulating curtains that don't look too heavy can be a challenge, as thick velvet drapes may look too overpowering for a room. Custom curtains can be made with a dense weave that helps to insulate a space, as well as with an insulating fabric behind the panel. Layering this insulating fabric can also allow for adding a lightweight material to the front of the curtains, so that they look lighter and more breezy, but still add the insulation you desire.