Why You Should Construct Your Sunroom with Double Glazed Windows

5 September 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Construction projects tend to cost a pretty penny, whether you are embarking on building an extension to your home or erecting a building from the ground up. Thus, individuals tend to lean toward cheaper materials in an attempt to keep their building costs low. The annealed glass may seem like an adequate solution for your windows when constructing a sunroom, as they will let in maximum natural illumination. However, they do not offer you long term benefits. If you would like your sunroom to be comfortable all year round and not increase the operational costs of your home, you may want to consider double glazed windows. Here are some reasons why you should construct your sunroom with double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows ensure thermal efficiency of your sunroom

The main reason to have a sunroom is to create a space in your home that you can enjoy the natural light, without feeling as if the temperatures are overbearing. The annealed glass may allow for this natural illumination, but they will also enable heat exchange through the glass. This heat exchange means your sunroom could be excessively hot during the summer and significantly chilly during the winter. Double glazed windows are inherently thermally efficient as they have a vacuum between the two panes of glass. This vacuum traps air and functions as an insulation barrier against heat loss and gain. So no matter what time of year it is, your sunroom will always be habitable.

Double glazed windows help in noise reduction

Sunrooms are not rooms that are typically used for hosting raucous parties. Instead, they tend to be utilised as calm spaces that allow for rest, relaxation and meditation. However, you cannot sit down and read your favourite book or enjoy some peace and quiet if all noises from the outside are filtering into your sunroom. If you live adjacent to a busy road or perhaps you have loud neighbours, double glazed windows in your sunroom will reduce the noise levels that you are exposed to.

Double glazed windows will make your property more valuable

As global warming steadily becomes a primary concern for homeowners, more and more potential buyers are looking for residences that would help in the reduction of their carbon footprint. Since double glazed windows contribute to boosting the energy efficiency of your home, it is likely that you would have the edge over the competition if you decide to sell the property. Additionally, double glazed windows add a contemporary aesthetic to your sunroom, which updates the kerb appeal of the premises.