Clearing Up 3 Common Misconceptions About Sending Flowers

10 July 2017
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Sending flowers is a nice touch for special events, or for when someone you know has fallen ill, had surgery, or lost someone close. Flowers are a good choice for just about anyone in your life, including co-workers, business associates, and even neighbours. However, you may have some misconceptions about flowers and their delivery, and what is appropriate when choosing a bouquet for someone; note a few of those misconceptions here so you know you make the right choice when you're thinking of sending flowers to anyone.

Lilies are solely for funerals and weddings

Lilies are certainly a favourite choice for both funerals and weddings, because of their delicate nature. Also, many varieties of lilies are naturally white, making them a good choice for wedding bouquets in particular. However, lilies can be sent to anyone for any occasion, and especially if you choose a variety of lily with some strong, vibrant colours. Stargazer lilies have a bold pink-red colour that works for any bouquet and any occasion, and calla lilies are shaped like a cup so they add lots of visual interest to a bouquet.

Carnations are filler flowers

Some people mistakenly think that carnations are not the best flower to send to someone, as they're often used to fill out bouquets. This is often done because carnations are very strong flowers that are easy to grow, so they're also very affordable. However, this doesn't mean they're a poor choice for a bouquet; they're even a favourite choice as a means of congratulations to someone!

Carnations can be dyed any colour, so you can find something in pink or blue for welcoming a new baby, or send carnations dyed in school colours to congratulate a graduate. They can also be dressed up with a few roses or greenery for a bouquet that is very striking and memorable, while still being affordable.

Sending flowers is overly romantic

If you're concerned about sending flowers to co-workers or anyone with whom you're not romantically involved, you would want to avoid sending roses, as those are considered very romantic flowers. However, a bouquet of carnations, as mentioned, can be very fun and very appropriate for anyone.

You can also send a plant, flowers that use a coffee mug as a vase, flowers with a balloon that makes the bouquet more casual, or flowers with edible treats like cookies or muffins. These are all very casual and very appropriate gifts for anyone, no matter your relationship to them and no matter the occasion.

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