Why Choose a Shower Screen for Your Home

27 June 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you need a new shower treatment in your home's bathroom, you can usually choose between a standard curtain and a glass door or screen. Before you run to the store and pick up a curtain rod and the curtain itself, note a few reasons why a glass shower screen can be the better investment for your home, and then discuss this option with a glass installer as necessary.


A bathroom shower curtain can get very dirty, very quickly. If your own hands aren't clean before a shower or if you have body lotions and oils left on the hands after your shower, the curtain is likely to pick up that dirt and oil when you open or close it. It can then become discoloured or stained and may not come clean very easily.

Also, note how difficult it is to keep the shower curtain liner clean; it may pick up hard water stains as well as mould and mildew. When you install a shower screen, usually a squeegee and some regular glass cleaner is all that's needed to get it clean. These screens are also typically meant to be very resistant to the mould and mildew that would otherwise collect on a liner.


Shower curtains, even if they're light in colour, will block off the shower and may make the bathroom seem darker; a shower screen will keep the bathroom open and looking as bright as possible. The glass may also reflect some light, so that even a dark bathroom floor and dark paint colour won't make the space seem overly cave-like.

Along with keeping a space brighter, screens can also keep a bathroom from looking too small. If your bathroom has a stall shower or corner shower, or if it is a bit cramped already, you want to keep an open and airy feeling as much as possible, but a curtain will block the shower and make the bathroom seem about half its true size! A glass screen will keep it open and bright and airy.

No changing ever needed

When you buy a shower curtain, you may need to change it on a regular basis, as you change the bathroom's linens and paint colours to keep it updated and fresh and looking new. It may also simply get stained beyond cleaning, as mentioned above, and buying a new curtain may also mean that you now want new linens to match. However, a glass screen works with any decor, so you can redecorate and swap out everything else in the bathroom whenever you want, without needing to change the shower area.