2 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your New Home's Attached Garage

21 June 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Moving into a new home that has an attached garage is an exciting prospect, particularly if your previous home only had off-street parking with no cover. Gone are the days of dashing into the house to avoid a sudden downpour, sweating in an oven-like car on a hot summer's day or scraping ice off the windscreen during the winter months.

While attached garages are a fantastic feature of a new home, they can also be a liability if they aren't secure. The entry point for many burglaries is via an unsecured attached garage. Here are two simple measure to take to ensure that your garage, and therefore your home, is safe and secure.

1. Install a new garage door remote control receiver

The garage door remote control that comes with your new home is essentially like a key to your home. If any previous owners or tenants have kept a remote control, then they have the ability to enter your garage with ease. To ensure that no one else can access your home, it's vital that you have a new remote control receiver installed.

The receiver is the device which intercepts the signal from your garage door's remote control and allows it to be opened and closed. Each receiver has a unique frequency that can only be accessed by a remote control that is paired with it. A new receiver will render any remote controls kept by other people useless.

2. Install a deadlock on the garage's internal door

The main benefit of an attached garage is being able to access your car or stored items directly from the interior of your home. Many internal doors don't have locks at all or have flimsy locks that provide little deterrent to an experienced and determined burglar.

Installing a good quality deadlock is an important task to prevent easy access to your home via the garage. Conversely, a deadlock can also prevent your car from being stolen if a burglar enters your home via another entry point and finds your spare car key. Make sure the deadlock includes long screws, a strong mounting plate and the ability to be locked from either side by key.

Home security is no doubt an important consideration for you and you'd like your new home to feel like a safe environment for you and your family. These two simple and inexpensive tasks will help to create a secure and more comfortable home.