Why Aluminium Security Screens Are Ideal For Coastal Areas

16 June 2017
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Since security is paramount for a majority of homeowners, you will find there is a vast array of solutions that you could consider. One of the more affordable options available to you is the installation of security screens. These structures are designed to secure your home's doors using brute strength, which should deter potential burglars from breaching your entryways. Security doors come in different types of materials, with the most popular choices for homeowners being wrought iron and stainless steel. Nevertheless, if you live by the coast, below are some of the reasons why you may want to consider aluminium security screens:

Aluminium security screens are highly durable

One of the major reasons why aluminium is the best material for coastal applications is the unsurpassed durability that it will provide you with. A major characteristic of aluminium is that it is corrosion resistant. This intrinsic rust resistance makes it less likely to develop structural damage when exposed to environmental conditions such as coastal spray, high humidity and salt content in the air. Materials such as iron and stainless steel may appear to be stronger than aluminium, but over time, they will begin to erode. As corrosion rapidly, yet discreetly, engulfs the security doors made from iron and steel, they become weaker and will lose their ability to secure your home.

Aluminium security screens provide increased ventilation

Living at the coast usually translates into experiencing warm weather for most of the year. Therefore, most homeowners would have to contend with hot and humid households on a regular basis. By installing aluminium security screen doors, you get a chance to increase the movement of fresh air into your home without having to compromise on your privacy. You can opt to have an aluminium mesh incorporated into your security screen that would allow you to leave your main door open and ventilate your home. The mesh screen will also keep out any unwanted critters from flying directly into your house.

Aluminium security screens decrease your energy bills

One thing to note about aluminium screens is that they are not exclusively limited to doorways. You can also have these screens installed on your window frames to enjoy the same benefits of security and enhanced ventilation. As a result, your home can become significantly more energy efficient as you can decrease your overall reliance on your air conditioning by keeping your windows and doors open during unusually hot weather.

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