Top Benefits of Utilising Steel Frames in Residential Construction

30 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Steel frames are typically associated with commercial properties such as skyscrapers, warehouses and more. Over the years, though, building contractors have started incorporating steel frames in residential construction due to the array of advantages that they provide to contemporary building design. Moreover, the use of steel is not limited exclusively to frames. The steel can also be used I pipes, structural beams and so on. If you are constructing a new home, below are a few of the top benefits of utilising steel frames in residential construction.

Steel frames are highly adaptable

When constructing your home, the one thing homeowners want is to make it as customizable as possible. However, some architectural designs may be difficult to achieve depending on the types of materials that you use. Materials that are stable but inherently rigid will not provide you with the complex designs that you may want for your home. If you opt to use steel frames, you would not have to worry about the adaptability of your structure. Steel frames can be altered, repositioned and moulded to provide you with the layout that you want. As a result, steel frames are a perfect option if you would like a structure that allows for quick and simple expansion in the event you want to remodel.

Steel frames create beautiful spaces

Another reason why you should consider utilising steel frames for your residential construction is the stylish and beautiful interior space that they provide you with. What most people do not realise about steel frames is that they are quite strong. Therefore, in the event you want large, cavernous interiors, your home will not require additional support beams. Since the steel frames can support the weight of the structure, you have the flexibility to make the interior of your home as vast and as open as you would like. This architectural design allows or features such as high ceilings, domed rooms and so on.

Steel frames are economical

A major misconception homeowners have about steel frames, as a building supply is that they will be exceptionally pricey. In reality, using steel frames can bring down your construction costs. The first thing to note is that steel frames are lightweight, which facilitates easy transportation. Thus, you would not incur the same costs as compared to timber. Secondly, steel frames are easy to work with, which in turn will translate into decreased labour costs. Therefore, although the initial investment may seem high, you will find the overall cost is reasonable.