4 Tips to Help You Choose the Colour of the Awning for Your Business

8 September 2017
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If you own a business, an awning over the entryway of your business can give your customers respite from the rain and shade from the sun. When you put your logo on the awning, it can also help to advertise your business and brand your company. However, before you order your awning, you have to narrow in on a colour. Consider the following when making your decision:

1. Create a Compelling Contrast

Aesthetically, a contrast can look quite compelling, and you may want an awning that contrasts with the colour of your building. To figure out which colour contrasts, look at a colour wheel. Find the closest colour to the exterior of your business, and then, look at the colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel.

Any shade of that colour will create a contrast to your building. For instance, if your building is in a red brick building, green creates the most contrast. If your business is in a remodelled house painted yellow, you'll make the biggest contrast with a purple awning.

2. Go for Complementary Tones

Instead of creating a contrast, consider creating a complementary effect. Again, you can use the colour wheel to figure this out. Instead of choosing the opposite colour, choose one of the colours that are closest to the colour of your building.

For instance, if you want to create a complementary effect on a red brick building, you may want an orange or purple awning. However, you don't even need to choose a completely different colour. You can also just choose a different shade of the same colour.

3. Reinforce the Emotional Behind Your Brand

Colours create a powerful psychological effect, and you may want to tap into that affect with your awning. Consider choosing a colour that reinforces the emotional thrust of your brand.

If you own a toy shop and you want your customers to feel lots of joy and energy, you may want a yellow awning. Alternatively, if you own a natural foods store and your brand is all about harmony and freshness, you may want to select a green awning.

4. Contrast or Complement Your Logo

If your building is relatively nondescript, you may want to choose an awning colour that coordinates with your logo. In this case, you can go for either a contrast or a complementary effect, but instead of taking the colour of your building into account, you apply those same principles to your logo.

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