How Your Garden May Provide an Innovative Parking Solution

11 June 2018
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Many people who live in an urban environment find that they are challenged when it comes to car parking. This is especially problematic for those who live in a multi-story building, which has a fairly small footprint and not a lot of outside space. In an ideal world, they would convert the entire landscaped area into a car parking facility, but the local council might take a very dim view of this. Read More 

A Few Reasons Why Concrete Tiles Are Suitable for Your Bathroom Flooring

17 May 2018
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Choosing tiles for your bathroom flooring can be intimidating. The vast range of materials, styles and designs can make it challenging for people looking for a tile that will be both attractive as well as resilient. While ceramic tiles remain a staple in most homes, they may not be the best option for you if you prefer something that will stand out and add some uniqueness to the character of your space. Read More 

A Few Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Window Treatment

25 April 2018
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The window treatments you choose for any room in your home are more important than you might realize, as these pieces block sun, improve sound and temperature insulation to a room, and help to enhance or create a certain style in the space. Some window treatments are also a bit more cumbersome to manage than others, which is important to consider if you're always opening and closing those pieces throughout the day. Read More 

Marble and Me: Choosing a Material for Your Benchtops

9 April 2018
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As one of the busiest rooms in your home, your kitchen is likely a high priority for redecorating. Keeping it fresh and stylish makes it much nicer to spend time there, and can often improve functionality too. However, one of the biggest decisions to make is not your colour scheme or individual style features — it's your benchtops. Whatever you choose to have your kitchen benchtops made out of, it will take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Read More 

When and Why You Should Use an Interior Consultant

19 March 2018
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Hiring interior consulting or decorators is not just for the rich and famous; the services of these professionals are often more affordable than you may realize, and these consultants can create a home space that you love! Note when and why you might use the services of an interior consultant or decorator and how they can help you with your home design challenges. Your space is overly large, or very small Read More