Marble and Me: Choosing a Material for Your Benchtops

9 April 2018
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As one of the busiest rooms in your home, your kitchen is likely a high priority for redecorating. Keeping it fresh and stylish makes it much nicer to spend time there, and can often improve functionality too. However, one of the biggest decisions to make is not your colour scheme or individual style features — it's your benchtops. Whatever you choose to have your kitchen benchtops made out of, it will take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Read More 

When and Why You Should Use an Interior Consultant

19 March 2018
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Hiring interior consulting or decorators is not just for the rich and famous; the services of these professionals are often more affordable than you may realize, and these consultants can create a home space that you love! Note when and why you might use the services of an interior consultant or decorator and how they can help you with your home design challenges. Your space is overly large, or very small Read More 

Which Type of Wicker Furniture Is Best For Outdoor Use?

5 March 2018
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Wicker is beautiful, elegant, and enduringly popular as a choice for outdoor tables, chairs, loungers and other furniture pieces. If wicker is exactly the look that you want for your outdoor living area, you may be wondering whether to go with natural wicker or resin wicker furniture. Here's what you need to know to choose the right type of wicker for your long-term enjoyment. Natural Wicker Furniture Natural wicker was the original type of wicker. Read More 

The humble flyscreen: A design icon

21 February 2018
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Imagine enduring an Aussie summer without flyscreens. Impossible. Now envision a mild autumn day. See yourself enjoying the view through your windows, one that's not obscured by ugly mesh screens. Yes, it is possible. Interior design has really taken off in Australia, with renovation shows on TV and pictures of your neighbours' renovations all over social media. But despite the advances in kitchens and bathrooms, amidst trending colours and fancy window treatments, one necessity of life Down Under has been sadly forgotten. Read More 

2 Common Misconceptions to Avoid When Investing in Gutter Guards

5 February 2018
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Keeping gutters clean and clear of blockages is essential to ensuring proper runoff of rain from the surface of the roof. As rain may carry leaves, twigs and other debris into gutters, it is important for homeowners to install some sort of gutter protection. Gutter guards are one such kind of gutter protection. Here are two common misconceptions to avoid when you're considering installing gutter guards on your guttering. Misconception #1: Gutter guards eliminate the need for gutter cleaning completely. Read More